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come&gone sponge

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The original sponge, built to help you quickly clean up after sex. 

Material: 100% sterile, medical grade polyurethane sponge and polypropylene handle.

Directions for use can be found here

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I must have this in my nightstand at all times. It’s the new bedroom essential I never knew I needed. After-sex clean up is simplified and I’m left feeling comfortably dry and my underwear can remain clean! NO MORE LEFTOVER GOO finding its way out. No gross bedsheets. Even my boyfriend knows that it simplifies everything, he’s reaching to pass it to me without me even asking! When I don’t have this product, it’s usually a high-stakes race to get my legs up as fast as I can, while I blindly grab a fistful of tissues to slap over my crotch, then the ever so graceful (not really) shuffle to the bathroom. Even after all that, cleanup isn’t exactly finished. With Come and Gone, clean up is almost suspiciously simple, I really don’t have to do any more than sponge it away. I’ve also used it for non-sexy time uses - ahem - making sure pipes are clean during the tail end of my period. Ladies, y’all know what I’m talking about. All in all, this product is great. It eliminates the stress of clean up, and allows me to truly enjoy the moments after sex, so there’s more cuddle time and less panicked cleaning.

Easy, convenient, CLEAN!

This little sponge is such a game changer! It has made the cleanup after sexy time so much easier and faster, especially for those morning quickies where I’m going to work right after. After the first time I used it, I literally thought what a genius idea. It’s a quick and simple application and removal, completely mess-free. Definitely recommending this product :)

So fresh, so clean!

I used to dread quickies because I never had enough time to clean up after (and then the minute I put my clothes on, it all starts dripping out). With come and gone I don't have to worry about this and I no longer feel squishy for half the day!!!