Come&gone was born out of a personal problem. A really, really personal problem. I was so tired of tactically rolling off the bed, sprinting to the bathroom, hovering over the toilet, and using gobs of toilet paper in an attempt to clean myself up after sex. Every single time I was stuck in the bathroom wiping up what felt like an endless amount of aftermath, I would wonder to myself, why hasn’t anyone come up with a solution for this?! I can’t be the only one to dread the post-sex clean up ritual?! Whyyy?!

After hundreds of google searches and mounting frustration, I decided to create the solution myself. The more I spoke with other women about my problem, the product, and how ridiculous I thought it was that there was no hack for this, I realized I wasn’t alone. Many women just felt too awkward and embarrassed to talk about it! But, it just so happens that I am the one friend who lacks a filter and has an outrageous sense of humor, so…


Several iterations and 1 startup accelerator later, come&gone, an Awkward Essentials product, officially came to life. The mission became clear - open up the conversation, normalize those awkward topics, and provide solutions for them. I am so excited to present the come&gone sponge, and am even more eager to continue creating more products. 

If you have feedback, the mission resonates with you, or would like to tell me about an awkward problem that you simply can’t find a solution for, please reach out! I want to hear everything :) 

Much love and awkward-ity,
Frances, Founder of come&gone