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Simple and effective

I tried this after sex with my partner while I sat on the egde of the bed, when I stood up no spodge!
No penguin walk or spunky tissues!
I was able to snuggle right back up to him without all the awkward cleaning up routine it was fabulous!
Definitely buying again 👍

Two thumbs up

I love this product!! It does exactly what it's supposed to and makes after sex clean up so much easier!

Works great!

Does exactly what it says it does, I'm very happy I discovered this product. I've made 2 orders and will keep using them.

come&gone - original after sex cleanup sponge

Game Changer

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Where has this been product been my whole life?! It has completely changed everything; no longer feeling wet the day and night after sex. The "twirl" is difficult however I have found the "in/out" a few times works just as well. This product will forever be a staple in my bathroom.

come&gone - original after sex cleanup sponge

Amazing product

This works amazing for me and I don’t have the gross couple days after all girls suffer from

Almost amazing...

This is such a brilliant idea and would be great but there is one major flaw. The plastic stick attached to the sponge is hollow so there is still major leakage through the stick when you go to stand up... if this gets fixed I would totally buy again!

Hey C! Thanks for this feedback! Completely makes sense - we're on it!
Best thing after sex!!!

I heard about these in a mom group. Looked them and thought it was silly but ordered anyways! I love it!!! It’s made post sex easy to clean up and to go on with the rest of my day! Just about to place my second order just in time for a getaway trip with my hubby!!! <3

Was skeptical

I was skeptical at first but figured why not.. my husband has larger than normal “loads” and I have super sensitive PH. Sex would leave me dripping and eventually itching. These things are wonderful.. it may not look like it’s absorbing much, but I can say there has not been any dripping and my PH has been happy.

If you are a bigger girl like me they can be a bit cumbersome to grab onto to “twirl” around, a non slip grip would be nice, but otherwise these things are a god send!

Best invention everrrrrr

Okay Ive left a review before but I seriously had to do it again because these things are just that good!!! I’m about to make like my 10th or 100th order (who’s counting).
I loooove these sponges and have recommended them to everyone I know- even my sisters and I come from a family who never ever ever talks about sex let alone what after sex looks like!
The only recommendation I have is that the stick is a little hard to “swirl” around. I feel like it’s too thin to get a good enough grip on so, instead I just make the in-out motion until I feel completely dry.
But beyond that. It’s the best product I’ve ever bought that will now and forever take my money because I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEM!!!
Thank you!!!


What can you say about a product that no one wants to admit they need. It's a brilliant idea and works flawlessly. Got these to try as they're easy and discrete to take on vacation, but they've become a necessity to keep around all the time.

Clever, amazing product

It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, it’s discreet, gentle on skin and solves the problem of the ages! Love it! I don’t know what I was doing without this.

Wish it had a few tweaks but overall great product

I really like using these, they definitely do the job and personally, leave me feeling cleaner afterwards. I wish the handle had more texture to make twisting and pulling out easier. It would also be nice to have a quieter more discreet packaging, similar to feminine hygiene products. Overall though, it’s soft, comfortable, and very efficient at it's job. I wasn’t sure if they would be worth the money, but after trying it out I don’t want to go back to life without them.


How have I gone through life without these amazing sponges!! Everyone should know about them!

Actually works!

These are great, and actually work, and have improved my quality of life!

Nothing to lose except the mess!

I got these on a whim thinking that if they didn't work I'd at least have some random tiny sponges. But, jokes on me because they do work. If you're tired of the after sex mess, you gotta try these!

Heaven sent

Literally heaven sent! Idk how I lived without this!

Something so simple, yet amazing

Honestly, I was sceptical. My bestfriend and I laughed as we ordered them, jokes on us! We're never going without them again!

Can’t live without!

Glad to know I wasn’t the only woman in the world to hate that drip all day! This product is a life saver. It’s honestly even helped with my reoccurring infections, which I’m forever in your debt for! Lol A very genius idea. Bravo!

come&gone - original after sex cleanup sponge

Perfect after sex product!

I love how easy this is to use after being intimate with my husband. I don’t have a slick mess to clean up when I head to the bathroom. Say good-bye to the postponed leakage as well. Thank you for this innovative solution!


Does what it says. No wet panties after sexy time. I will buy more.

come&gone - original after sex cleanup sponge