come&gone sponge - original
come&gone sponge - original
come&gone sponge - original
come&gone sponge - original

come&gone sponge - original

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UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming demand, we are currently limiting the maximum order to 1. We are working hard to add additional SKUs with higher quantities! 

Product Details: 

come&gone is the first after-sex clean up product of its kind. It’s made out of soft, sterile, medical grade material and will quickly mop up all the excess fluids so you can move on with your day (or night).

Just grab the handle, insert, swirl, remove, and toss. 

No more perpetually gooey feeling, dripping, or ruined sheets!


  • Quick absorption
  • Soft, comfortable sponge material
  • Sterile, medical grade sponge 
  • Disposable
  • Compact 

Full directions for use can be found here

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely great

This product is perfect. I usually want to shower immediately after sex but this product makes it so much easier to feel clean. The sponge is actually sooooo absorbent. Never going back to hand towels.

Love! Plus what an awesome company!

The minute I saw this I knew I needed it. Where has this been all my life?!! I have an IUD so I wasn't worried about getting pregnant. The clean up after sex was so annoying and unattractive. Having to get up right away and go to the bathroom so it doesn't get everywhere, ugh! Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to put jeans on after sex and rush out the door with all the fluids still spilling out of you. I found myself and my significant other never being able to have a quickie before going out and honestly I didn't like the idea of my boyfriend just ejaculating onto me. This product is amazing and it totally works! The company is amazing and they added an extra one in each of the boxes, how nice! The shipping was so fast and easy to track. Buy it you will not regret!!


I couldn’t wait to buy this product! I’ve been in a relationship for 2 years and I have always dreaded the after cleanup of sex. I definitely always do the ninja roll off of the bed, and keep tons of toilet paper with me afterward to try and “mop” up all the fluids. This is such an ingenious invention! I have also had my Doctor tell me before that a common cause of yeast infections were due to the fact that semen can stay inside of you and build up. Why has this not been available to women before 2019? Regardless, thank you! Such a convenient method for after sex, and it is also a very healthy way for women to keep and maintain a healthy PH balance. Thank you again for making this for US!

More countries please

It’s not possible for me to buy. I live i Denmark, so it’s not possible for me, sad.


We demand shipping to the rest of the world for this amazing product!! We have sex in Europe too !!